Zagat’s List of America’s Best Burgers in 25 Cities

From A Hamburger Today


Clockwise from top left: Vortex Bar and Grill (by Todd Brock), Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar (by J. Kenji López-Alt), Golden State (by Damon Gambuto), and Edzo’s Burger Shop (by Daniel Zemans)

This week Zagat released their list of America’s best burgers in 25 cities. In case you don’t feel like clicking through their slideshow, here are all their picks:

Atlanta: Vortex Bar and Grill [AHT review] Austin: Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar [AHT review] Baltimore Area: Linwoods
Boston: Mr. Bartley’s
Charlotte: Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar
Chicago: Edzo’s Burger Shop [AHT review] Dallas/Ft. Worth: Maple & Motor [AHT review] Denver: Crave Real Burgers
Ft. Lauderdale: The Le Tub Saloon
Honolulu: Kua ‘Aini Sandwich
Houston: Goode Co. Burgers
Kansas City: Burger Stand at the Casbah
Las Vegas Area: Slidin’ Thru
Los Angeles: Golden State [AHT review] Miami: Flip Burger Bar
New York City: Burger Joint [AHT review] Orlando: Pine Twenty 2
Philadelphia: Sketch [AHT review] Portland, OR: Killer Burger [AHT review] Sacramento: Squeeze Inn
Salt Lake City: Hire’s Big H
San Diego: In-N-Out Burger
San Francisco Bay: 900 Grayson [AHT review] Seattle: Broiler Bay [AHT review] Washington, DC: Ray’s To The Third

What do you think are the best/worst picks on this list?

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