The Best Margaritas in Austin, Texas

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[Photographs: Melody Fury]

It’s rare to find a bar menu in Austin that doesn’t have at least one margarita on it, and it’s no wonder that this simple concoction is so well loved under the Texas sun. The combination of lime, tequila, and orange liqueur has the ability to quench thirst and make even the worst heat more bearable. (These drinks also go especially well with bold-flavored local cuisine.)

We drank our way around Austin to find the best examples possible—classic lime margaritas and variations dressed up with all sorts of fruit, spices, and chiles, plus a wide range of tequilas. We didn’t settle for sticky-sweet frozen drinks in spots that are past their prime; check out the slideshow for our curated selection of Austin’s most delicious margaritas.

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About the author: Melody Fury is a writer and food photographer that shares her time between Austin, TX and Vancouver, BC. See what she’s imbibing on Twitter @GourmetFury.