Snapshots from India: Vegetarian Eats in Bangalore


VIEW SLIDESHOW: Snapshots from India: Vegetarian Eats in Bangalore

[Photographs: Chitra Agrawal]

Editor’s note: Please say hello to Chitra, a Brooklyn-based food blogger who specializes in Indian eats. She was recently traveling through India to visit family and wanted to share her photos and tales with the SE community! —The Mgmt.

Indian cuisine is known for its vast selection of delicious vegetarian options, and the food of Bangalore is no exception. I’ve been visiting Bangalore in the southern state of Karnataka since I was a kid because my mother grew up there. Over the years, the city has transformed from a sleepy town into a booming tech capital. This change has attracted foreigners and Indians from all over the country, and now it’s common to hear a mix of languages and not just the local language of Kannada spoken on the streets.

Although many foods from around the world and other parts of India have also come to town, there is no doubt that Bangalore natives (sometimes referred to as Kannidagas) still maintain love for their old-school spots, whether it be a darshini (South Indian fast food vegetarian restaurant), a family stall selling homemade goods, or a cafe where locals have gathered for decades.

About the author:Chitra Agrawal specializes in Indian vegetarian cooking and travels to different parts of India every year. You can find more of her writing and recipes at The ABCD’s of Cooking and keep in touch with her on Twitter.