Poll: Is Pizza "Unhealthy"? Yea or Nay?

From Slice


Redundant much? [Photographs, Clockwise from top left: Adam Kuban, Nutrition.gov, Robyn Lee]

First off, let’s get the “well obviously it depends” bit out of the way. We can probably all agree that there’s some pretty heinously hazardous pizza out there. For instance:

Ultimate Pizza Sandwich

Anything, and I mean an-y-thing has the capacity to be made unhealthy. And I’m not just talking about whatever terrifying creature was just birthed in that video—from coffee to eggs, we’ve all watched foods get jerked to and fro by contradictory findings and capricious health reports. Pizza has become quite the fickle mistress; at least for those who tune into such debates. Depending on who, where, and when you are, the medical community may or may not deem pizza a worthy calorie source. Meaning that they clearly cannot be trusted.

So we want to know, Ultimate Pizza Sandwich monstrosities and media mouthpieces aside, how do you rate your average pizza serving, on a scale of guilt-filled to guilt-free?