Open Thread: Your Best Barbecue Bites in NYC?

From Serious Eats: New York

Pulled Pork ($7.25/sandwich; $18.75/pound)

Pulled pork at Mighy Quinn’s. [Photograph: Paul Yee]

You could have called 2012 the year of New York’s barbecue renaissance. Let’s review: Hugh Mangum’s Mighty Quinn’s gained a storefront in the East Village while Dan Delaney’s brisket pop-ups found a permanent home in Williamsburg. Manhattan lost RUB Barbecue, but the Gowanus gained Fletcher’s, where the fires are stoked by RUB’s pit man Matt Fisher. Western Queens got its third barbecue parlor, The Strand, where local beer and live music join the smoked meat. And hey, Park Slope has Fort Reno Provisions to keep it company.

NYC hardly ranks with the best of America’s barbecue cities, but you can’t deny that we’re getting better.

The best of the city’s barbecue is a frequently asked question at Serious Eats HQ, especially since we’ve found that most barbecue joints here specialize in one or two items that smoke (sorry) the rest of their menu.

It has us wondering about our dream barbecue restaurant: one that combines the best elements of each of the city’s barbecue destinations. So tell us, what barbecue do you call the city’s best? We don’t just mean your favorite barbecue joint, but your favorite brisket, ribs, burnt ends…you get the idea. Fire off in the comments, and maybe we can make our dream of a city’s best barbecue menu come true.