Open Thread: What Summer Dessert Are You Dreaming Of?


[Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

Are we there yet? That’s the whiny refrain we’re starting to hum as we think about transitioning from winter to spring. We love citrus as much as the next person, and we’ve been happily gobbling down everything from lemon tarts to key lime bars. And yes, this Mixed Berry Pie made with frozen berries is delicious, and using jam in recipes is a great way to fake fresh fruit flavor.

But, oh man, could we go for a slice of blueberry pie. Or a bubbling fruit cobbler, buckle, or crisp. Watermelon salad with mint? Cantaloupe sorbet? Yes please. These are things we’re dreaming about as the weary days of winter drag on. So tell us, Serious Eaters, what summer dessert is on your mind? What dish do you look forward to all winter?