Mozza: Coming Soon to San Diego and a New York City…Airport?

From Slice


Partners Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali, and Joe Bastianich have made quite the splash in L.A.’s restaurant scene since opening Pizzeria Mozza in 2007. Now, the trio is getting ready to open new branches in San Diego and New York.

With additional sites already up and running in Newport Beach and Singapore, it’s hardly a surprise that the restaurant group intends further expansion. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the New York Mozza is due to open in the least likely of places: JFK Airport.

With chef-entrepreneurs like Wolfgang Puck already colonizing “express” airport dining, it will be interesting to see how Silverton manages Mozza’s quality and reputation as it transitions to a lower-end environment. At the very least, we know where we’ll be eating the next time we’re between flights!

Ahh, the sweet smell of an empire rising.

About the author: Niki Achitoff-Gray is the editor of Slice and a part-time culinary student at The Institute of Culinary Education. She like offal. A lot.