Bake The Book: Syllabub with Rosemary-Glazed Figs

[Photograph: Squire Fox]

Syllabub is an old English sweet cream dessert, whipped and curdled with spirits, citrus, or both. The recipe found in The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen creates a chilled cream cloud flavored with sherry and lemon. The clever combination of fig and rosemary makes a truly good topping.

Tips: Figs are currently out of season, this is true. But this dessert can still be made topless, or replace the topping with a similarly-fleshed fruit. Fig and rosemary is a lovely combination, but strawberry and thyme is good, too.

Tweaks: The last step says to “whisk the cream by hand until it holds its shape, about 2 minutes.” You’ll need a liberal application of elbow grease to achieve the stiffness you want. Have a bowl of ice in the freezer to stash the bowl you’re whipping the cream in when your arms get tired.

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