Bake the Book: Huguenot Torte

[Photograph: Squire Fox]

Huguenot Torte from The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen tastes like a giant, sticky apple blondie. An ultra-decadent, ultra-sweet, ultra-simple dessert that bakes up with a soft center and crunchy crust. Easy to make, even easier to eat.

Tips: The buttermilk or sour cream is whipped into the heavy cream to create a topping that tempers the heavy sweetness of the dish. It’s a worthwhile extra step to take. Leftover shards of crust sprinkled over Greek yogurt the next morning are also delicious.

Tweaks: Once you cut up the cooled torte, it’s supposed to look messy. If that bothers you, or if you feel like eating a portion of this away from the table (I don’t judge), spoon a serving into a ramekin and top with tons of whipped cream.

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