Awesome Food Entertainment and Facts

Fast Food kitchens are terrifying! Which places should you be avoiding?

Hangover? What hangover…. Follow these tips to prevent a hangover.

Are you resolving to lose weight in 2013? Tips like #8 will set you on the right path!

Check out the world’s 15 most expensive foods. #4 is a pricey pizza!

Looking for some healthy snacks to keep you in shape? Love #1

Are you sending off the right message with that drink you just ordered? Find out! #1′s the best.

Delicious looking desserts for your sweet tooth

How many pounds of bugs have you eaten?

15 Best Vegetarian main dish ideas. Even carnivores will enjoy #4!

What’s your zodiac sign? It can tell you what you should be eating in 2013!

Going to a party? Better learn some awesome facts about what’s going in your red cup!

Looking to shed some holiday weight? Here are some helpful tips to get you there faster.

Get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle, 12 healthy alternatives, #2 looks Delish!

Hungry? Try one of these odd restaurants the next time you’re in town!

We all love McDonalds, but what’s really going on with the fast food industry?

Having a party but don’t know what to serve? We’ve got some party dishes you can’t miss!

What kind of toll is your partying taking? We’ve got 15 shocking facts on binge drinking for you to digest

These 15 delicious cocktails are low-calorie! I really want to try #7!

Wanna know more about wine? We’ve uncorked 15 interesting facts just for you!

These DIY household ideas seriously make life easier and are so simple! #2 is so clever

Check out these great recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers. I love #1

12 of the most useless–and money-wasting–kitchen gadgets out there. #1 is truly ridic!

Want to trim down the guilt this holiday season? Avoid #11!!

Oh, you think your wife’s cooking is bad? Check out #5 and tell us how you like her meatloaf then!

A sushi wedding cake? These wedding cakes are so bad you have to see them>>

I bet you didn’t know celery was an aphrodisiac, Check out the rest.

You drink it every morning, but how much do you actually know about coffee?

Looking for great holiday dessert without all the guilt?

Cold nights call for hot cocktails. #6 sounds amazing!

Want to lose weight and eat healthier? Start with these 15 healthiest foods! #5 is yummy

Got a craving for something sweet this holiday? Check out some of the Cutest Holiday Treats! Love #1

Top 15 Weight Loss Regimes for the Holidays. #5 is very important!

Want to live to 100? Start the day with #3 and you could!

Food is so much better when it’s shaped like Mickey Mouse! #5 is my favorite>>

What’s better than a meme? A meme cake! These cakes rule, especially #3!

Who cares about calories when America has the best comfort foods? #3 is my favorite!

Cooking for a big date this weekend? Impress them by making 9!

Want to impress someone with some sexy food? Here are our most romantic meals!

I love pastries. Here are some mouthwatering pics of the best pastries!

A drink can say a lot about a man or woman, I’m def #1

You drink it every morning, but how much do you actually know about coffee?

Are you a beer addict. Check out the top 20 beers. How many have you already had?

Here are the strangest and sometimes downright scary facts about our favroite foods! Like #1

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