American Classics: Monster Cookies

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[Photograph: Alexandra Penfold]

During my grade school days there was little doubt in my mind as to the supremacy of Monster Cookies. We’re talking a face-sized peanut butter and oatmeal confection chock full of M&Ms and chocolate chips. Yes, M&Ms and chocolate chips. Did I mention the oatmeal and the peanut butter? Everything about these cookies was pure goodness.

I don’t quite remember when I first had Monster Cookies, but I do remember that we’d make them in my elementary school with some degree of regularity as a fundraiser for the Save the Children child who our program sponsored. I first learned to crack eggs during a Monster Cookie baking lesson in our cafeteria. And what mom could say no to giving you a little extra change in your lunch to Save the Children? The cause itself was dessert insurance.

It’s been years since I’ve had a Monster Cookie. And I’ve long since forgotten how to make them. In recreating this recipe, I relied on memory. The cookies had to be huge. And they had to be soft. And they had to have lots of goodies inside. After a few false starts—too crumbly, too dry, not flavorful enough—I hit the jackpot. If, like me, you’re a soft baked cookie lover with a hankering for peanut butter and chocolate, these should more than satisfy.

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About the author: Alexandra Penfold is mild-mannered literary agent by day, food ninja by night. Never one to skip dessert she’s the Brownie half of Blondie & Brownie, a Midtown Lunch contributor, and co-author of the forthcoming book New York à la Cart: Recipes and Stories from the Big Apple’s Best Food Trucks. You can follow her on Twitter at @blondiebrownie.

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