A Sandwich a Day: El Bucktowno at Toast


[Photograph: Chelsea Ross]

Toast, a cozy little restaurant in Bucktown, offers unique and fresh sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch. I ordered one with a questionable name, the El Bucktowno ($9.50), which was layered with grilled, savory chicken breast that had been marinated in mustard and thyme (a simple, yet effective pairing), along with freshly grilled red onion, squash, zucchini, and a spicy mayo.

The juices from the chicken dripped down my gluttonous hands, which I didn’t waste with a napkin, since I wanted this experience to last. The grilled onions had a nice kick to them, making for the perfect amount of crunch. The name Toast suits the restaurant well, as their bread meets my standards. It has a light crust on the outside and soft, billowy dough on the inside—great for sinking your teeth into.


2046 North Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60647 (map)