9 Oscar Dogs Inspired by the 2013 Best Picture Nominees


[Photographs: Will Levitt]

It’s that time of year again to debate who’s the best dressed, make our predictions for Best Picture, swoon over our favorite actors and, of course, eat appropriately themed hot dogs!

Just like last year, we’ve got 9 hot dogs for each of the 9 nominees for Best Picture in this year’s Academy Awards. Everything from “The Bloody Western Dog” for Django Unchained to “The Tiger Dog” for Life of Pi and “The Dog Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” for, you guessed it, Lincoln.

Check them out below, and let us know which one you think should take home the “Oscar Dog” for 2013!

Django Unchained: The Bloody Western Dog


Violently Cooked Blood Sausage with Retribution Relish

Guns, blood and retribution! If we could capture Quentin Tarantino and Django Unchained in a dog well, yep, a dog as scarred as this would be it!

Les Miserables: The Rustic French Dog


French Baguette, Country Dijon, Capers

A dog which tells the story of love, lust, passion, strife and struggle all in one perfectly satisfying, well-harmonized bite.

Zero Dark Thirty: The Covert Operation Dog


“Hot Dog In the Dark”

It’ll take a well trained team of special ops to snatch up a dog this tasty!

Life of Pi: The Tiger Dog


Orange Tiger Curry Sauce, Black Sesame Seeds

The balance of tangy curry sauce and toasted black sesame seeds is not unlike the balance required to live on a boat with a tiger.

Lincoln: The Dog Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand


Half Bun, Half Dog with Mustard

The United States could no more survive divided as this dog can! Some things are just better when they’re together. Right, Lincoln?

Argo: The American Disguised As a Canadian Dog


All-American Beef Hot Dog, Canadian Maple Syrup, Canadian Poutine with Cheese Curds and Gravy

Dressing a tried and true American dog with Canadian ingredients tastes surprisingly good (and it will travel through airport security in a breeze).

Beasts of the Southern Wild: The Storm Dog


A Beastly Cajun Crawfish Dog with Moonshine Gravy

Fresh from the Bathtub crawfish cooked in real New Orleans Moonshine and Cajun spices! We’d like to think Hushpuppy would join us for a few of these.

Amour: The Old and In Love Dog


Wrinkled Hot Dogs on Buns

Dogs might get old, they might get wrinkled, but we all know two delicious dogs together are better than one.

Silver Linings Playbook: The Family, Football, Friends and Feelings Dog


A Not-As-Complicated-As-You-Think Dog with Grilled Peppers and Onions

A classic American combination—a dog with grilled peppers and onions—is one emotionally filling dog, whether you’re watching a football game or hanging around with your parents (or both!).

And the Oscar Dog Goes To…

Let us know which dog you think should win!

Will Levitt is a Brooklyn-based food writer and the Director of Events at CookNScribble. Check out his new blog, Under the Egg. And for fresh thoughts served daily, follow him on Twitter @UnderEggWill.